Rogill Educational Consultancy is an organisation whose purpose it is to provide educational services and solutions to the education and private sector that are stimulating, motivating, inspiring, encouraging learning and are educative in their delivery. 

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The Principal's Presentation Package

"...An in house, unique. whole school, training and development programme. An invaluable tool for advancing and developing any South African school... "

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Functionality Analysis Competency Tool For Schools

"...A Tool designed to assist school Principals and School Management Teams in the Analysis of their School 's Functionality and Performance..."

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The Teacher Training Tutorial Package

“…A programme designed to support teachers in the development of sound teaching practice knowledge and skills…”

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The Students Study Skills Programme

“…The Programme is designed to support any student in the development of sound studying skills through an "Individual Tuition" process…”

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The Secret To Successful Schools Series

"...A suite of short punchy “Motivational Talks” designed to unlock the “Leadership Potential” within you and others...."

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Absolutely Amazing Assemblies

“…A Collection of 200 meaningful stories to support the Principal and staff when running an Assembly.…”

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